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Thursday, August 18, 2016

National Lemonade Day & Recipes

National Lemonade Day
Citrus Beerade

national lemonade day, lemonade, beer

It's been a crazy August so far!  Has it been for you too.....or is it just us?  Yesterday marked our oldest's Last First Day of High School (1 in school, 3 to go).  Yup.  That's right.  We have a senior.  He had his senior portraits taken last Saturday, which was a trip.  I just can't believe that we are where we are.  This year will mark a lot of lasts for him and us, which is kinda sad.  I already warned him that I will be doing a lot of on and off crying this year so he just needs to get used to it.  I have a sneaking suspicion he already knew that though.

National Lemonade Day is this Saturday, August 20th!  I tell you, I have learned about more "National something or another Day's" ever since I started this blog.  Who knew there were SO MANY!  

I was sent a couple recipes and photos of cocktails that the Hard Rock Cafe will be serving nationwide on National Lemonade Day.  I was given permission to share them with you and wanted to make one of them to tell you about as well.  Only problem was that I couldn't find the "exact" ingredients that each cocktail had.........so I improvised.  Now I don't have the cute Hard Rock Cafe mason jars they use, but I do have my own!  You can buy your own mason jars on amazon.....which I should have known, as they seem to sell everything!!

Aren't those pinwheel paper straws cute!  I just love the dollar section at Target, you never know what you'll find there!!

This is the closest I could come to Hard Rock Cafe's Shocking Shandy.  I call it Citrus Beerade.

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Citrus Beerade
  • 9 ounces Shocktop Beer
  • 2 ounces lemonade
  • 1/2 ounce tangerine rum
Fill a mason jar half way with ice. Pour in the lemonade and rum. Pour the beer over that and garnish with an orange slice.

Here are the two cocktails that Hard Rock Cafe will be serving nationwide this Saturday. 

Black Cherry Frozen Lemonade

Shocking Shandy

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Black Cherry Frozen Lemonade
  • 2 ounces black cherry puree
  • 2 ounces lemonade
  • 1 1/2 ounces Bacardi Cherry
  • 1/2 ounce Chambord Liqueur
  • 1/2 ounce fresh lime juice
  • 1 lemon wedge for garnish
  • 1 cherry for garnish
Blend all ingredients together with ice. Garnish with a lemon wedge and cherry.

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Shocking Shandy
  • 2 ounces lemonade
  • 1/2 ounce Bacardi Orange Rum
  • 1 bottle of Shock Top Belgian Wheat Beer
  • 1 orange wedge for garnish
Fill mason jar with ice, lemonade and rum, and top with Shock Top Belgian Wheat Beer. Garnish with a speared orange wedge.

There you have it!  You can either head to your local Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday to try one of their two lemonade cocktails for National Lemonade Day, or you can make them and/or mine at home!

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you have fun doing it and enjoy the weekend!


The Cocktail Lady

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The ONLY wine club you want to join

The ONLY Wine Club
(you want to join)

Club W, wine, wine club

Yes I get it......that's a bold statement, but it's so true!  I love this wine club!!  I know that there are a lot of wine clubs out there and I have never ever been a member of any of them until Club W.  In my head, wine clubs limit you to (for the most part, not all of them I know) choosing from a variety of wines from one winery.  As much as I may love a merlot from a certain winery........I don't always want to drink that one merlot.

That is why I never joined wine clubs.  I didn't want to be limited.  Here is a link to my post on the Club W wine club if you missed it.  I talked about their club and how unique and amazing it is.  Club W goes around the world, YES I said world, and chooses grapes from wineries (around the world, yes, crazy right) and turns them into juice before they ship them back to their WINC facilities in California.  Some of these bottles of wine retail for over $40 a bottle, but because Club W bottles and labels each and every bottle themselves, they can cut out a lot of the extra costs and sell it to you at SUCH a discount!  I think that's soooooo cool!

I joined and ordered my first shipment in April 2016.  I received my bottles, tasted them, went back onto their website and rated them myself.  That way they learn my likes and dislikes even better so that they can recommend bottle to me.  JUST LIKE NETFLIX!  So neat.

You can skip a month.....or two or how every many.  I skipped 2 and then decided it was time to see what they had.  CAN I JUST TELL YOU how excited I was to find a bottle of wine from Sicily, Italy (yup I'm part Sicilian), a bottle from South Africa and a bottle from Spain!!  That's what I mean...around the world.  I am not limited to the wineries in Napa California.  

I had the choice of ordering 3 bottles of wine and paying $9.99 shipping......OR (I bet you can guess which option I took) ordering 4 bottles with FREE shipping and only paying $2 then I would have for the 3 bottles + shipping.

Yup I went with the 4 bottles!

wine from around the world

One from Sicily
Sicily Italy, wine

One from South Africa
South Africa, wine

One from Spain
Spain, wine

One from Paso Robles, California
Paso Robles, wine

I am sooo excited about these bottles!  I wish, wish, wish that I could share them with you all!  Unfortunately I can't do that, but I can direct you to their site where you can fill out a couple quick questions to help them get to know your wine palate.  Then you can sign up for their club and receive $20 Off Plus Complimentary Shipping on 4+ Bottles!  No pressure to buy every month, just order when you want and enjoy!

Needless to say, I'm excited.  I can't wait to try these wines from around the world as well as the ones from here in California.  Check them out by either clicking the link above or the ad in the right had column of this page.  You'll be glad you did!  A bottle of wine makes a fantastic gift for birthdays and YES even the holidays that will be here before we know it.  Why not give a bottle of wine from another country, think of how awesome you'll look doing that!  

Time to go open a bottle up.


The Cocktail Lady

Friday, July 22, 2016

National Tequila Day

National Tequila Day

National Tequila Day, tequila

Tequila and I used to be friends.....good friends at that!  We loved having shots together with friends.  Multiple shots.  Sometimes straight up by themselves.  Sometimes with the lime wedge and the salt on my palm.  One night........all that changed.

One night many many years ago I had more then my fair share of tequila.  I had too much.  That night Jose Cuervo and I broke up.  Friends no more.  I couldn't look his way, I couldn't stand his scent.......IT WAS OVER.

Years later, I was introduced to Señor Patron.  He brought back some bad memories......it took a while......but then I tried him.  He didn't smell like Jose, which was nice because he didn't send me running away with my hand over my mouth.  We had a short romance, but I had to call it quits and let my friends take over and continue on with him.

Now a days I can drink silver tequila in mixed drinks, ONLY.  There will never be another tequila shot in my future......never.  I am fine with that.  We had our years, we had a lot of good times, but that is my past and it will stay there.

Over the years, I have heard a LOT of tequila stories.  Most of them ended badly.  It seems that tequila is involved with most peoples "Worst Night Ever" drinking stories.  I sure know he's guilty in at least one of mine.  Do you have a "Worst Night Ever" drinking story?  I'd love to hear it!

Given that #NationalTequilaDay is right around the corner (July 24th to be exact), I wanted to give you all 21 of my favorite tequila cocktails!  They are all mixed with other ingredients so that no one will have to taste the flavor of it alone.  Here they all are with links for easy access!







These 2 are the Tequila Sunrise and the TMNT Leonardo

There you have it!  21 cocktails to help you celebrate #NationalTequilaDay no matter where you are!  If you still have a good relationship with tequila, go ahead and have yourself a straight shot to two.....just don't ask me to join you!


The Cocktail Lady

Friday, July 1, 2016

Red, White & Blue Cocktails

Red, White & Blue Cocktails

It is officially July!  I can't believe it!!  July has to be one of my most favorite months ever.  To me July is the month that summer (my favorite season) has officially come and the weather proves it.  Beautiful days in July lead to beautiful nights.  I feel so lucky because my birthday is actually in this amazing month too!  I will be entering my very last year in my 30's in 2 days.  I remember the months and days leading up to my 30th birthday were not too easy for me.  For some reason I did not want to turn 30........it.......kinda scared me.  That was (just about) 9 years ago and I can honestly say, I will enjoy it and embrace my 40th birthday with open arms.

With the 4th of July getting closer and closer I wanted to give you a handful of red, white and blue cocktail that you can choose from.  They are all delicious and between all 9 you can choose between vodka, gin, champagne, different rums and hpnotiq.

Starting with the super delicious red cocktail in the top corner, I give you Cherry Crepe.

Right below that we have my Pomegranate Gimlet.  If you like gimlets, you will LOVE this one!

The third one down is a nice champagne cocktail called Blushing Bride.  Why not celebrate with some champagne!

Back up to the top we go in the white column.  The first cocktail you see is the Piña Colada.  This cocktail is always in season and always fantastic!

Right below that is a nice light gin cocktail called White Lady.  It's simple yet refreshing.

Last, but certainly not least on our list of white cocktails is the Chi Chi.  3 simple ingredients that go extremely well together!

The final row in this post are the blue cocktails.  First up is the Blue Breeze.  It is a lighter cocktail with a fun blue color.

Moving down the line is the Blue Hawaiian.  I still remember the day I first made this cocktail......I fell in love with it.  This cocktail makes me think for a moment that I am sitting on a beach while enjoying it.

Finally the last blue cocktail I have for you is my Blueberry Daiquiri.  Oh my goodness this one was good!  So good in fact that I might need to make a batch of them really really soon!

There you have it.  9 cocktails for you to choose from.  All of them are good and patriotic in color!  Whether you choose a red, white or blue cocktail, I wish you all a fantastic 4th of July!


The Cocktail Lady